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How to Play Spider Solitaire

Spider is a classic 2 deck game that is among the most popular of solitaire games. In a poll, Spider was the 7th most popular game among users of Pretty Good Solitaire. It is a difficult game of skill. There are 10 tableau piles and while the piles can be built down regardless of suit, only groups of cards built down by suit can be moved together. Spider differs from most solitaire games in that there are no foundation piles. When a group of 13 cards in descending sequence down by suit are grouped together, they are removed from play. The object is to remove all the cards from play. The cards that are not dealt out at the start are held in the stock. When there are no more moves in the tableau, one card is dealt to each tableau pile from the stock. It is very easy to get blocked in Spider. You can get blocked when you build out of suit, or when cards get dealt from the stock onto a sequence. Therefore it is critical to build in suit as much as possible. Empty tableau piles (spaces) are extremely valuable and can be used to help moves cards around, but you must fill all spaces before dealing from the tableau. To start, you can try on Spider Solitaire 1 suit The average player wins Spider about 10% of the time. A good player can win about 33% of the time and a really good player can score 50%. But it appears that a really excellent player who makes extensive use of undo can score nearly 100%. It is possible that nearly every Spider game is winnable and that Spider may be nearly completely a game of skill.

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